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kitty lost

(no subject)

I am alive. My soul has been eaten by Sims 3, however.
And I have been reading since November. I finished The Gift (James Patterson) and while I have Fire I'm not too eager to read it. The books are good but meh. I have lost a lot of love for James Patterson. I used to love him and the Alex Cross books but now James Patterson has his fingers in everything and I know a lot of it is ghostwritten (or where it says and...) it's the "and" that wrote the book. It just seems cheap to me. I don't know. I mean, it's awesome that he made it as an author but when/ if I do, I want MY books out there that have my name.

I also finished the Strange Angels series. BEST vampire series out there right now. It has the right mix of romance, evil evil evil vampires and plot. It's not stupid *cough*veganvampires*cough* and if you know anything about vampire lore, it mixes it in there well. I am considering buying the five books for my collection.

Book Depot had their 50% EVERYTHING sale. So instead of $140 of books, I got $70 of books! woo! husband and I? NERDS. I got the first series of The A List. Total brain candy but it's nice to have. I also got Scott Westefield's The Midnighters. I read that after the Uglies series and it pushed me to finding more of his books.

I got a couple I hadn't read before and a few that I thought were out of print- including a Fearless book I didn't have for my set. :)

Also I'm onto editing my story. I'm adding quite a bit of it and am at 71,357 words, after removing over 5000-7000 words. So I am still alive, just busy.

I'm now reading Gossip Girl Psycho Killer, which I'll try to post a review for.

Happy New Year, all!

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