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kitty lost

Her and Me and You by Lauren Strasnick

It wasn't terrible. *laughs* Awesome way to start. *thumbs up* No, really. I think it is more of a snapshot of a life that I was reading, which was interesting but I would have liked more information. I would have liked to know what was Adina's issue specifically. Alex's mother was built up as a major alcoholic at first and then she wasn't. I would like to know what changed, or why Alex was so okay with drinking as she was. I wanted to see more of Alex's relationship with her father. The book just stopped suddenly. I didn't feel super connected to Alex at all, really. I wasn't rooting for her or not. I was just really passive about this book.

It was okay.

My first review. I don't do summaries of the book. That's boring. I think I'm also going to need a better rating system. Figuring this out as I go, I guess.

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hey emmers....there seems to be rather a gap in your posts....

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